Keeping the Faith

When things are going well for you, even when things are ‘kinda OK’ it’s easier to keep the faith. It’s easier to believe, to stay positive and hopeful but what we need to keep in mind is that FAITH is something we need even more when we are down, disheartened and feeling hopeless.

With the ebb and flow that comes with a RG’s dating journey faith is the ONE thing that is most important and essential if you are to come out of the other end of the dating tunnel with Mr Right and a ring!

As a coach I speak to girls, some have been doing TRs longer than others but the one thing that I try to ensure is understood is the power of faith and how it can positively impact not just your dating journey but life in general.

Now when I say faith I don’t mean a specific religion or spiritual life path – I mean the confidence and trust in the system – in our case ‘the system’ is TR!

In the beginning like everything else that we just start out in we are more enthusiastic and positive as we just go with it and don’t ask questions….many believe NOT asking questions is the best way. I disagree and I’ll tell you why.

Before I was a coach I was dating doing TR under the guidance of my coach, as I kept dating I started seeing patterns, some of which I felt I was to blame and some of which the men I was dating were to blame….this led me to start asking questions and I am so glad I did….asking and getting the reasons behind WHY a certain rule works as opposed to not doing it finally made more sense – these questions gave me the faith I have now and this faith in TR is what led me to becoming a coach myself.

Yes there will be tough times, a guy will set all the plans in motions then ghost, or he says he had an amazing date, did everything to the letter and then come back saying you’re hard work, or he’ll date you, say he loves you, says he wants a future with you then brings up sex and when you say you’re not ready – he vanishes into thin air.

So unpleasant things do and will happen but what keeps an RG going is her faith and what keeps that faith strong is understanding the science and psychology behind the actions.

So girls, I encourage you to ask questions especially if you’re feeling low or losing hope and feel like faith is dwindling….if it’s through the forums, my website or if you want to email me directly do get in touch and let’s get that faith strong enough to get you to the finish line!

With Love,



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