Introducing Nadia Joy

Hi, I’m Nadia!

Some of you will know me from FB, some of you won’t….so I thought I’d put this little intro together to say Hello!

I’m a Rules Dating Coach for Women.

The way I work is quite holistic, I don’t see the long term value in helping a woman with her online dating profile and getting her on a few dates. I feel the only way to truly help a woman is to help her embrace who she is a whole.

My dream, my passion, my goal is to help women see who they TRULY are as a WHOLE. The mother, daughter, sister, wife, lover, friend, colleague, boss and worker. A woman is so much more than what we see on the outside – a woman is a gem with many facets and I respect and believe that to have the best life one must accept and respect ALL of who we are as women!

It took me many years of soul searching, studying, falling flat on my butt and then getting up again to come to this point where I feel I have learnt enough that I can help by sharing what I know to empower women and give them strength and independence without having to sacrifice their femininity.

Yes my focus is getting you quality dates in the aim of finding Mr Right and getting the Ring but it’s about more than that, So much more! It’s about learning the life skills needed for a positive, whole and happy life. Learning from your strengths AND weaknesses and how to use both to your advantage.

Women are the builders, maintainers and shapers of society – strong, smart, whole, fulfilled and happy women make for a balanced community and in turn a positive society – this is my belief!